First Take | Stephen A. shocked Kyrie rips LeBron after Nets crushed Lakers 109-98

First Take | Stephen A. shocked Kyrie rips LeBron after Nets crushed Lakers 109-98


  1. RAbz

    RAbz7 ngày trước

    Lakers had DS missing too; is he not a key player too then? SMH

  2. Ricky Montanez

    Ricky Montanez7 ngày trước

    Names the whole bench and contines to say the ___ of the world lmao

  3. Teran Icer

    Teran Icer7 ngày trước

    Nets were accused of lack of depth, now SAS says their a helluva deep team?

  4. APEX

    APEX7 ngày trước

    Max: I agree with you, Stephen A, about everything you just said. Stephen A: You're wrong, and here's why!

  5. Callie S

    Callie S7 ngày trước

    Let’s not change history cause dudes team up! The dude that won’t fight you on his own is still the same soft dude when he crewed up, he just has strength in numbers not one of the big Three wants to see him alone. they teamed up to stop him cause they can’t do it alone.

  6. signas82

    signas827 ngày trước

    @RJ Nobody is feeling sorry for a mercenary getting out mercenaried, period. I'm glad they joined, give the deck stacking GOAT a taste of his own medicine. What happened to not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 not 8, etc? What lame excuse do you have for that?

  7. signas82

    signas827 ngày trước

    @RJ Your GOAT can with Kyrie, Bosh, Ray Allen, Etc in, what was the weak East. You're a joke.

  8. signas82

    signas827 ngày trước

    @RJ Who cares what you have respect for, who the f are you!?

  9. signas82

    signas827 ngày trước

    @RJ Not to mention KD DIDN'T PLAY LAST NIGHT clown!

  10. RJ

    RJ7 ngày trước

    @signas82 not to mention in his warriors days I back to back mvp curry and one of the best shooters and good defender klay. I have no respect for kd whatsoever he can’t even take a team to the finals by himself. I know my goat can carry teams

  11. mcronn 100

    mcronn 1007 ngày trước

    The nets have a big 4 Harris is a beast. Good win nets.!!

  12. yusuf delrio

    yusuf delrio7 ngày trước

    I disagree with Steven A as usual