Isiah Thomas heated Bulls lose 112-105 to 76ers as Joel Embiid's career-high 50 points

Isiah Thomas heated Bulls lose 112-105 to 76ers as Joel Embiid's career-high 50 points


  1. bluflu flipflop

    bluflu flipflop5 ngày trước

    They totally left out Iverson LOL the only two Sixers players to have 25 points in 20 straight games was Iverson and wilt.

  2. Boz Bear

    Boz Bear5 ngày trước

    Get this bimbo off tv😅

  3. Why are you Geh?

    Why are you Geh?5 ngày trước

    Wow Koby white and Pj williams were Balling

  4. Joe Johnson

    Joe Johnson6 ngày trước


  5. Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson6 ngày trước

    Do your research. Embiid has said he wants DPOY every year. Straight beasting!!!

  6. Kevin Hipps

    Kevin Hipps6 ngày trước

    They need to do some research embiid shoots those perimeter shots in order to allow Simmons to play in the post because Simmons doesn't space the floor for the team

  7. RG

    RG6 ngày trước

    Joel literally came into the league talking about how he's always wanted to win DPOY.

  8. dgoldmitten1

    dgoldmitten15 ngày trước

    @Oasis Peace k tuff guy wasn’t talking to you keyboard thug

  9. dgoldmitten1

    dgoldmitten15 ngày trước


  10. Adrian Maliackel

    Adrian Maliackel6 ngày trước

    They also called matisse thybulle Tobias Harris and spelled coby whites name with a k

  11. R TN

    R TN7 ngày trước

    Trade ben Simmons for more three point shooting. Sixers need more three point shooter's. Trade ben Simmons for more shooter's

  12. Philly 711

    Philly 7116 ngày trước

    We need that defense I think

  13. Ivan Vassall

    Ivan Vassall6 ngày trước

    You are not from PHILLY!!! Ben Simmons is our glue you dumb ass!!!!!!!

  14. Charlie Buckley

    Charlie Buckley6 ngày trước

    as of january 29th: Sixers 3pt% w simmons playing: 40% Sixers 3pt% when he’s not playing: 29%

  15. Kevin Hooper

    Kevin Hooper6 ngày trước

    Leave Ben alone, we ARE NOT trading him ! 💯

  16. Ultraman

    Ultraman6 ngày trước

    @Jahiem Johnson ummm no is right. Ben is fine for now

  17. R De Silva

    R De Silva7 ngày trước

    Morey has to go after LaVine now. Three first round picks, Danny Green and Ferguson. If Bulls want Maxey, add him if that does the deal. Ben, Curry, LaVine, Tobias and Joel will unstoppable. Morey then go after Patty Mills. Furk and Second Round Pick.

  18. 2125

    21253 ngày trước

    LaVine is good but not that good. His numbers are inflated since he is on the Bulls and we lose defense if we trade Green for him. Don’t forget 3pt shooting as well, they’ll need to provide other pieces.

  19. R De Silva

    R De Silva6 ngày trước

    @The HitSection you got that right! Window is small for the moment with Joel and his injury history.

  20. The HitSection

    The HitSection6 ngày trước

    @Steve B nothings never too much wen you tryna win a championship this yr

  21. Steve B

    Steve B6 ngày trước

    The Sixers can't trade 3 first round picks due to league rules. And that's way too much for LaVine.

  22. The HitSection

    The HitSection6 ngày trước

    Shit Seth too Lavine would make up the points honestly we just need one player besides embid who can get his own shot in clutch